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Share your thoughts on why kids and betting should never go together, and what you can do to protect your kids from the risks of gambling.

Please note: This is a forum for people in the community to share their views. The comments and opinions expressed below do not necessarily represent the views of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation or its affiliates.

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36 thoughts on “Join the Discussion

  1. Luke Nankervis

    Bout friggin time the state gov did something..but something more has to be done..get rid of all tv advertising of any bets or anythin else on tv plus all gaming machines should be taken away for ever..they should never been bought out..ive worked in gaming rooms..and the nicest people turn to ******* when on a gaming machines even 80yo women!!

  2. Paul

    Fantastic Ad. Anything you can do to get rid of betting the better.

    • Anonymous

      Not fantastic paul, it’s made betting look good to my kids they’re playing gambling. Has made it look cool. :( Badly designed add.

  3. Mish

    Can some please explain why horse racing is marketed as a family event? I do not get it…. horse racing is all about gambling so why is it marketed to families with activities for children.

  4. kurt

    this is the worst ad I have ever seen, the kids are watching Bathurst and all they want to do is go on this site to wager. They had to be told that it is not a betting agency, but a preventive ad to curb betting by children. Now they are pestering all the parents to put their bets on with their TAB accounts; unbelievable.

  5. Karen

    I seen your commercial on tv I did not understand the impression I am getting is kids should gamble. I believe you are sending the wrong message

  6. Mark

    And this advert breaks the rule first. It is outrageous anyone would think it was ok to put this ad on view to kids. The first time I saw it I thought it was real until halfway through when a small sign comes up. What would kids think only half watching it. Kids and gambling should never go together. Obviously you don’t have kids.

    • Peter drury

      Well said. If adults are confused by this add then of course kids will be.

  7. Beverley

    My grandson had a trust that was to go to him when he was 18yrs. I tried everything in my power to delay him receiving the $35.000., with no success at all. He moved to another state and came back when the money was gone, mostly gambled away. Now what does one think of State Trusts Now. I had no power at all and I knew the outcome.

  8. Vanessa

    Why does channel nine put up the KidBet ads right before showing a Luxor betting agency ad? I just don’t get it. What sort of message are they trying to give? Make up your mind, channel nine!

  9. Gavin

    When are people going to be responsible for what their kids do. Gambling is not the problem, parents that don’t want to do anything with their kids could be a bigger problem. A tv is not a babysitter!

  10. Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this discussion so far. The KidBet campaign intends to grab parents’ attention by highlighting the absurdity of a child promoting gambling. As the tagline says, kids and betting – they should never go together.

    In developing the campaign, the Foundation was mindful of ensuring KidBet was provocative, but did not promote gambling to children. We tested the campaign with parents through focus group sessions resulting in a very positive response. We have also consulted with public health experts who support our approach.

    At the end of the KidBet ad, parents are directed to the KidBet website where they will find useful information and a guide to help them have a conversation with the young people in their lives about the risks of gambling.

    We encourage anyone interested in the campaign or the underlying issue to have a look around the website, and we welcome all feedback.
    The KidBet team

    • Richard

      “In developing the campaign, the Foundation was mindful of ensuring KidBet was provocative, but did not promote gambling to children”
      Bup Bow!
      Epic Fail.

      • Peter

        This ad is an absolute disgrace. Where attention goes, energy flows. Focus on kids NOT gambling is the best way I know to encourage kids to gamble. This ad is the best way I know of to increase the number of kids gambling. For goodness sake go and study neuro linguistic programming and learn the right way to influence human behaviour!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          You obviously went to the WRONG focus group and the public health “experts” you consulted should not be in public health!!!!

  11. Peter drury

    The advertisment is not sensible in my view.
    Some kids will see the add and think it means betting is fun for kids.
    This may be only my opinion but i doubt it.

    • Cassandra

      I think the point is that it creates an opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about gambling and how bad it can be. If you didn’t notice the ad, you wouldn’t have the conversation.

  12. Norm

    Re your KidBet advertisement. We are concerned that your intended message to deter younger people from gambling, is completely lost in the series of sketches that are ambiguous and all too “clever”. In addition, your website does not give any positive data. Personally we cannot understand how younger people manage to gamble to the extent you claim. You might attack the “how” and be more specific about “how much”. Online betting requires a line of credit, – there is no other way that we are aware. Are Banks at fault issuing credit cards ?? We consider your money could be more effectively spent than on such TV ads.

  13. Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

    Thank you to those people who have taken the time to share their thoughts on the KidBet campaign.

    The KidBet campaign intends to grab parents’ attention by deliberately depicting the absurdity of children gambling. Younger children were cast in the advertisement to emphasise this absurdity.

    The KidBet ad is being aired during adult viewing times and when parents are more likely to be watching particular shows with their teenage children. The ad gives parents an opportunity to raise the issue of gambling with their teenage children and address any misconceptions they may have. The Foundation has developed a guide to help parents have a conversation with their teenage children about gambling. ‘What’s the big deal? Talking to teens about gambling’ is available on this website -

    To limit the chances of younger children viewing the ad alone, it is not being shown during children’s viewing hours or in programs classified C or G. The one exclusion is during live sporting events, a time when families are exposed to gambling advertising. This intentional placement of the ad is designed to compete with the proliferation of sports betting advertising during coverage of live sporting matches.

    We continue to welcome feedback on the KidBet campaign.

    The KidBet team

    • Arthur

      You have no idea what you are doing. My kids watch xFactor – pre-recorded and so do all their friends. atleast we can make a mockery of the vic governments spend again. BTW Congratulations tot he board. I bet you have people with a vested interest in Gambling on it. They really did sucker you in.

  14. DebS

    Stupidest ad ever…..completely misses the mark and if anything would encourage kids to start betting. Sack your ad agency.

  15. Thomas

    Haa If a kid somehow has money to burn( and no brain), let them do it. Then soon enough they will be in the same boat as majority of people( no money), and will re-think their use of money. What a waste of effort this campaign is. lol 1st world problem’s.

  16. Dani

    Great ad. My 15 year son was watching Bathurst with his dad and he commented on the Kid Bet ad and some gambling ads coming up together. They had a good talk about it and how gambling is like throwing money away if you’re not careful. Most grown up conversation they’ve ever had.

  17. Tiffany

    One of the worst ads ever !!! You are forgetting that kids are actually watching it – they dont understand your “irony” – they think its its FOR them – please find a better way to get your message across. I’m not sure who is monitoring your feedback but there are more negative commets about this ad than positive ones. Why dont you get the message and pull it from the screen – your marketing people clearly don’t have kids of an impressionable age.

  18. Laura

    I love that you have a website to support and guide parents with kids that may be attracted to gambling, however I think your ad may have the opposite effect on children. On most adults I imagine it will call on their attention thinking it outrageous that they allow advertising for kids betting but if a child sees that add I think it is rather encouraging, it may wake up a child’s curiosity and they may think it is cool to start betting with their friends. PLEASE CHANGE THAT AD!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!! ARE YOU BEING PAID BY GAMBLING ORGANIZATIONS!

  19. Hayley

    It’s so true they don’t work :p not

  20. George Georgis

    Hey Guys great Idea BUT………. you add looks just like the Gambling adds that are already in place… how is anyone meant to know the difference. I thought it was a sports bet add…. sorry But I think this is just as irresponsible as what the betting agencies are already allowed to do… Spineless Gov Agencies and Sporting bodies have allowed the Gambling and Alcohol companies to take over………… shouldn’t surprise us though, they are all for doing the right thing until it has a dollar figure.. WEAK

  21. Jackie

    What a ridiculous add. My children have set up a betting centre and are now playing gambling. It made it look all too cool. You definitely missed the mark with this one and they have non betting non gambling parents.

  22. Anonymous

    Absolutely Laura, my kids have set up a gambling centre with the toy lap top and cash register they’re betting on who is going to win Guess Who. Have never gambled before this add sparked their interest. Very inappropriate.

  23. Rena

    Looking at end of the ad.. the kid is left sitting at the footy with an empty seat next to him because parent is off putting a bet on.. It is trying to raise awareness to parents of the dangers their gambling is having on their kids and how the ads for all these betting agencies and the races etc are promoted as fun and for the family and hey even if you lose we will still give you a payout in certain cases. I think those ads are doing a lot more harm than this ad.. Yes, I think it could be designed better and needs to show kids being left feeling hungry all week because the parents have gambled/drank/smoked the weekly budget away. It needs to show kids being told by their parents that they cant have this or that, or that they cant be picked up on time or go and get some new clothes or have take away for dinner because the priority by the parent of where the time and money is allocated is for their selfish behaviour. Next ad perhaps could have a kid sitting in the car outside a TAB Sporting club where the dad has just ducked in to put a bet on and down a quick pot whilst he’s there, chat to “the regulars” and then show (30 mins later scenario) the dad losing and walking out feeling crap, the child then asking if he can go to the shops to get something (takeaway, clothes, shoes etc) and the dad snapping at the child because he knows he has no money to do it and see the hurt and anger on the childs face, then show inside the childs head.. “when I grow up.. I’m never going to gamble.. I’ll spend time with my kids and work hard to give them the things I didn’t have..” THINK OF WHAT YOU’RE REALLY GAMBLING WITH.
    Chronic gambling addiction is a disease AND until you’ve been in close proximity to someone who has it you will scoff and say its fixable, it can be stopped etc etc. Most gamblers won’t admit they have a problem because their normal world exists within their gambling and the social buzz they get from sporting clubs etc. And blowing x amount a week becomes normal. You hear about it when they win but you don’t see how much and how often they lose. They don’t walk away when they’ve won, it goes straight back on the next race or back through the machine. I’m no expert BUT I have experienced it with a family member and am all for any campaigns that will try and help in the future. My 11 y. o comes with me to visit a family member in prison and he is in prison for gambling related offences. My child knows the effects of gambling and hates it. He has seen the hurt it has caused to many, and friends of ours have been using our experience to highlight to their kids what can happen.
    Type sports bet into the ninemsn search engine!! They all come up with things like “no excuses, Bet like a champion” or up to $500 free with your 1st bet, or deposit bonus! It makes it inviting to young and old alike. Or you may get a text from your betting account provider saying, we’ve noticed you havent had a bet with us in awhile..for every $1 you bet this weekend, we will match it”. How does that encourage one to gamble responsibly. It just encourages one to gamble!
    Hopefully a lot of schools will get onto this website and download the info for parents and distribute so that more awareness is raised and see warning signs that their kids may be gambling. (especially all boys senior schools!)
    Keep up the promotion of the affects gambling has on kids and families. The situation is only going to get worse if more is not done to stop the glamour and excessive promotion of gambling and its related agencies. As my child says.. The best bet is NO BET!!

  24. Emily

    Conversation with my son tonight:
    Son ~ “Mummy, can we go watch the big horsie race tomorrow? That guy Tom will be there and he might give us money”
    Me ~ “What guy Tom?”
    Son ~ “You know, the guy who’s on the TV ALL the time”
    He rarely sees “non-kid” TV so the fact that Tom Waterhouse ads have this affect is concerning……my son is 5!

  25. noreen jacobs

    i have noticed machines in kids play areas of pubs and clubs that encourage kids to put in money to play for a chance to win a toy or lollie with a crane …sometimes they win invariably they lose and come back to the parent asking for more money. Am i silly or is this not gambling?I feel they should be banned.

  26. Mandy H

    I have to say, imhave never heard of kids gmling. I have been an involved full time mum for thirteenn years. My kids saw the Tv ads and were shocked, theynactually thought it was an advertisement for childrens gambling. Well done, youmhave managed to turn a minor problem intoma major mole hill. And no doubt with Government funding.

  27. Lindsay

    stop wasting our fkn money on stupid government initiatives like this.

  28. Noel

    The ad is confusing as you don’t know whether it encourages it or not. Parents are not always with the kids watching tv. Why are there betting ads on before 9pm? Why is there slot machines for lollies etc and kid games that look/sound like slot machines available online otherwise? It is not just the parents it is society that encourages this problem just like having the news showing graphic details before 6 and the ads showing graphic images then too.

  29. Marion Corrigan

    I wish to protest strongly about your ads on TV, specifically TVN, and the name of your website. When the website is advertised, the lettering between kid and bet is very small and difficult to read so it looks like a website where children can bet. Your ad on TV is equally ambiguous and appears to encourage children to bet rather than discourage. If this is the image that you wish to portray, I think it is disgraceful.