Although gambling is a widely recognised health issue affecting adults, it is a growing area of concern for children and teenagers. Research suggests three to four per cent of teenagers have problems with gambling. That’s one teenager in every high school class of 25 students. This is a concern when you consider one in five adults with gambling problems started gambling before they were 18.

Have you noticed a recent increase in sports betting advertising? Or how gambling games have become prominent and popular on social media? As the lines between games and gambling become increasingly blurred, leading researchers and treatment experts are concerned about how this affects young people.

What can you do…?
Talking to young people about gambling gives them a chance to understand what gambling is about so they are able to make better choices down the track.

A range of information and resources is available to help parents learn about the risks of gambling and what they can do.

What's the big deal? Talking to teens about gambling (877kb) provides families with information about the risks of gambling and can help parents start the conversation with their children.

A series of fact sheets are also available. These explore gambling related issues affecting young people and provide parents with information and support:

These factsheets are available in other languages. More information >