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Community concern is growing over the way young people are influenced by gambling through sport, advertising, online games and social media.

In response to this community concern, the foundation has developed the Gambling’s Not a Game school education program.

Drawing on the latest gambling research, this free prevention program includes interactive and tailored sessions for students, parents and teachers.

Education sessions

Senior student session (one hour)

We encourage students to become critical thinkers in a world where gambling is becoming increasingly normalised. We recommend this session for Year 10 (in the second semester of the school year), Year 11 and Year 12 students. This session is linked to a number of curriculum areas including Mathematics, English, Consumer Affairs and Health and Physical Education. The content covered is also applicable to VCAL students addressing Literacy, Numeracy and Personal Development learning outcomes.

Parent session (one hour)

We inform parents about key issues surrounding gambling and young people and provide them with useful strategies on how they can help their child make informed decisions to mitigate risks associated with gambling.

Teacher session (one hour)

This is a valuable professional development opportunity for educators. Like the parent session, we inform teachers about key issues surrounding gambling and young people and what they can do to help students make educated decisions to avoid gambling-related harm.

All sessions are free of charge and delivered by a trained community educator on behalf of the foundation.

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Resources for teachers

We have a range of secondary, curriculum-based resources to help teachers integrate gambling-related issues and cybersafety into their classroom. Access our teaching resources.

Resources for parents

We have a variety of information and resources to help parents learn about the risks of gambling and how to tackle the topic with their teenage children. These include factsheets which are also available in Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese. See information for parents.

More information

For enquiries, please contact Prevention Program Educator Sally Gissing on (03) 9452 2623 or at sally.gissing@responsiblegambling.vic.gov.au.

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