Program FAQs

What’s in it for our club?

  • Free support and advice on responsible gambling practices
  • Support to minimise the risks associated with gambling at your club
  • Assistance in creating a club culture that will help attract new participants to your club, and retain those you already have
  • Support to become a community leader in responsible gambling practices
  • Community recognition for being a responsible gambling club
  • Access to the peer mentoring and support program
  • Assistance in educating your club’s members, staff and supporters about responsible gambling

Is this program voluntary?
Yes, the program is entirely voluntary.

We don’t have a gambling culture in our club, why should we join?
Even if your club doesn’t have a gambling culture, the program provides an opportunity to inform members, parents, supporters, coaching staff and committee members about the risks of gambling and prepare in case an issue does arise.

Can our club participate in the program and still receive funding from local pokies venues and gambling organisations?
Yes. Participation in the program does not preclude clubs from receiving revenue from local pokie venues or gambling organisations. However, the program encourages clubs to keep these activities entirely separate and not promote gambling or gaming venues in the presence of young people. If you are unsure about what this means for your club, please refer to the Responsible Gambling Charter (847kb) for more details or contact us.

What happens if the club or a club member breaks the charter?
Refer to the non-compliance framework for more information (445kb).

How much time do we need to commit to the program?
You can choose the level of involvement your club has in the program. We understand that every club is different, so we will work with clubs on a one-on-one basis to determine level of involvement. At a minimum, clubs need to promote the charter within the club, display responsible gambling brochures and information, and implement elements of the charter over the course of the season.

How will our club’s involvement be promoted?
The Foundation will promote the program throughout the year to celebrate achievements and attract new clubs. At a minimum, the Foundation will name each club who signs up to the charter on this website and in other Foundation promotions. The Foundation will not share any details about the club to anyone without permission. Clubs are encouraged to promote their participation in the program within their local community, and the Foundation will provide guidance where possible.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us.